Arc Reactor Build

First attempt at making an Arc Reactor!

Disclaimer: *** Don’t try this at home, I’m a professional*** WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES AT ALL TIMES! You’re soldering very close to your face, and it only takes one second, one dog or cat pounce, or one unexpected sneeze to do irreparable damage.

Getting the required parts!

Tools Required:

Soldering Iron Station – I cannot stress enough the importance of a good quality working soldering iron, not just for this project but for every day life.
Dremel – This also is handy every day, in all facets of life, invest in a good one, and you’ll have it forever.
Hot Glue Gun – I just got a cheap one from Target.
Wire Cutters
Wire Stripper
Exacto Knife

Pieces Required:

Blue LED’s – I used cheap 3mm ones I got off of eBay, make sure they’re rated for 6v when you order them!
Velcro Strips – To attach to whatever clothing you choose
Cardboard – For placing the LEDs and Velcro
Lexan – To cut a ring out for the top
Copper Wire – To wrap around the lexan
The “Press” Part of a coffee Press – (I got a cheap one at Ross, but you could probably pick one up at Goodwill or something.)
An old hard drive.
Black electrical or gorilla tape
6v Battery Pack from Radio Shack
Positive and Negative color coded wire


To get the piece you need from the harddrive:

Step one:
Take unwanted, or unused harddrive – open it up, unscrew the piece directly on the skimmer.

Step 2: SUCCESS!

Now to start on the arc reactor itself.

Take a piece of cardboard and cut out TWO circles, (I used the “plunger” from the coffee press, and just traced it with the exact o knife, then broke it off, and cleaned it up with scissors)

Set one aside for later, and take your Dremel, and cut out some holes for your leds to slide through!

Here comes the hard part -Trim down leads on LEDs, and solder each LED to the one next to it., postitive to positive, negative to negative. (You can test what is negative, and what is positive with your battery pack.) I recommend testing EVERY TIME you solder an LED, this will create less work for you in the future.

Once all the LEDs are soldered…. PHEW! The hard part is done!! TEST THE LEDs to make sure everything is working correctly!!! If not, go back and check your work!

Once it’s all working, HOT GLUE EVERYTHING! 😀 😀 😀

Test that everything is working once more, then take the second piece of cardboard, and hot glue it to the bottom!

Test again!

Set this aside for now, and pull out the lexan sheet!
I suggest safety googles & gloves for dremeling Lexan, it gets pretty hot.
Put cutting tip on Lexan, cut out a circle! I recommend, again, using the “plunger” part of the coffee press, and tracing it, then cutting around the trace.

Put the sanding tip on your dremel, sand the edges to make it smooth, then take the protective paper off, and sand the front and back to help disperse the light from the LEDs

Take the copper wire, and wrap it in equal measured places around the ring.

Now, hot glue all the remaining pieces!
Start with the strainer from the Coffee Press
then the circular plunger part
then the piece from the hard drive
and end with the lexan with the copper round around it!!

Finish it off with wrapping a couple pieces of the black tape around the edges, to cover all the stuff!

Finally Solder on the 6v battery pack with the length of wire you require, and Viola!

I’ve decided to also make the blasters for my hands, as I had left over LED’s & Lexan.
Same idea as the Arc reactor, cut out holes for LEDS in cardboard, then put lexan over it.